Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2010

Neue Bücher 2010 (II): Beyond the Screen

Jörgen Schäfer, Peter Gendolla (eds.)
Beyond the Screen

Transformations of Literary Structures, Interfaces and Genres

Transcript Verlag, Bielefeld 2010
568 S., kart., 44,80 €
ISBN 978-3-8376-1258-5

While literature in computer-based and networked media has so far been experienced by looking at the computer screen and by using keyboard and mouse, nowadays human-machine interactions are organized by considerably more complex interfaces. Consequently, this book focuses on literary processes in interactive installations, locative narratives and immersive environments, in which active engagement and bodily interaction is required from the reader to perceive the literary text. The contributions from internationally renowned scholars analyze how literary structures, interfaces and genres change, and how transitory aesthetic experiences can be documented, archived and edited.

Mit Beiträgen von Jean-Pierre Balpe, Giselle Beiguelman, Friedrich W. Block, Laura Borràs Castanyer/Juan B. Gutiérrez, John Cayley, Peter Gendolla, Maria Angel/Anna Gibbs, N. Katherine Hayles, Jeremy Hight, Ludwig Jäger, Fotis Jannidis, Katja Kwastek, Rita Raley, Francisco J. Ricardo, Andrew Michael Roberts, Jörgen Schäfer, Anna Katharina Schaffner, Ravi Shankar, Roberto Simanowski, Beat Suter, Joseph Tabbi, Jochen Venus und Noah Wardrip-Fruin.

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