Mittwoch, 13. August 2014

New Books in "International Texts in Critical Media Aesthetics": Lev Manovich, Jens Schröter and more

New books have been published during the last months in the book series “International Texts in Critical Media Aesthetics” that I am co-editing with Francisco J. Ricardo for Bloomsbury Academic. This series provides a transatlantic platform for new scholarship in the area of electronic art and literature. Recent books include Lev Manovich's latest book Software Takes Command, the follow-up to his famous The Language of New Media, Francisco Ricardo's The Engagement Aesthetic, the English translation of Jens Schröter's study on the history, theory and aesthetics of 3D, Doris Berger's Projected Art History, an analysis of artists' biopics, and Grant Taylor's book on early computer art, When the Machine Made Art. Sandy Baldwin's The Internet Unconscious is due to be published in February 2015.

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